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Happy HalloWeenie!

Friday, October 31st, 2008



Monday, October 27th, 2008

Just a quick peek into how my day is going so far.

I walked in to the kitchen to find that the only two people in there were HUGE Alabama fans. Keep in mind about 75% of company could care less about football or even realize that a game was played this weekend. Anyways,two steps in to the kitchen I realized that they were talking about “THE game.” It took me about .002 seconds to turn around and leave.

I am wearing my black tights for the first time since last year. They are cozy and a good choice for my office which feels like Antarctica. Well, since I haven’t worn them since last year, I forgot how they stretch out as the day goes on. So today when I walk down the hall, I have to strategically waddle to try to keep them from falling down.

My middle school teacher asked to be my friend on Facebook. Enough said.
Ahh, it’s only 12:30! I can’t wait to see what the rest of the day holds.

House Poor

Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

It’s official. I am broke. Every single penny that I have is in my house. Now, I love love love my little tiny itsy bitsy tiny little house, but I don’t have any extra money, partly because at the last minute I had to pay for ALL of closing (long story). And the worst part about that is that I want to update/fix/add more to my little house. In order to save money I have already given up some necessities, like looking cute with new outfits or new make-up. A few weeks ago, this guy was at our work and paid me $40 to call out different dates and times for about 20 min. That was an awesome job…too bad he went back to Portland or where ever he was from. But I don’t really have time for a second job. So I had to come up with a few more ideas on how to save some more $$$$.

1. Stop shaving my legs- There are many reasons why this one is a good idea. First of all, razors are EXPENSIVE! I could probably save a good $15 a month. Sure it’s a little gross, but it is approaching winter so it’s not like I am walking around with bare legs. Which brings me to point 2 that maybe it will keep me warmer. Also, it’s a huge time saver in the mornings…I am saving myself a whole 5 more minutes to sleep.

2. Ride my bike to work- I may reconsider this one since gas prices are going back down, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea. I clocked it out and it’s only about 8 miles from my house to work. Now all I have to do is figure out how to get past busy Interstate 565 or the scary part of Bob Wallace, and I am all set. I figure if I ride really fast it would take me about 30-45 min. It’s a good thing that I stopped shaving my legs in the morning because I will need those extra 5 minutes. The only thing that stinks is that it is getting cold outside and I really really hate being cold.

3. Sell the rest of my AU season tickets- Nah, I really wouldn’t do that…probably because I wouldn’t get that much money for them this year! But if anyone is interested in purchasing my EXTRA ticket for the AU-UGA game, let me know. I’ll sell it for face and you get the privilege of sitting with me at the game.

If anyone else has any ideas on how I can save/make money for little or no effort, please let me know! Thanks!

El Camino Express

Monday, October 20th, 2008

This weekend was jammed packed full of moving and cleaning and organizing and rearranging and painting. And I still have a TON to do! Friday night was spent cleaning a little bit, moving a few boxes and a few big ticket items. I took the following pictures to commemorate the first piece of furniture that was moved into my first house.

My brand new couch!

My brand new couch!

Moving in STYLE

Moving in STYLE

This is my dad’s “work” truck. It is antique and as you can tell, it’s a beauty. Not to many people can say that they got to move into their first house with the help of an El Camino. At least not after 1980. I am one lucky girl.

The couch was pretty much all we moved in Friday night. We actually just wanted to see it in my living room to help us decide on a paint color. On Saturday my mom and I got up early and went to the paint store where we looked through swatches, picked the brain of the interior decorator there, wavered back and forth until we finally decided on a tan shade with a little tiny hint of green. By the time we returned from the paint store and Home Depot (a homeowner’s playground), Stacy had arrived from Bham to help me paint. Thanks, Stace! After the first coat the paint looked a little yellowy and we weren’t sold on it, but by the time we had finished the second coat, we loved it. It took us all afternoon and we watched the Alabama-Ole Miss game on my little bitty tv while we painted. Our reward was a nice steak dinner at Connor’s at Bridgstreet. It was fabulous and it was so much fun to have her as my first house guest…even if we had to sleep on a mattress on the floor.

Stacy and me at Bridge Street

Stacy and me at Bridge Street

Sunday we worked to get the rest of of my big furniture in with the exception of a few things in my kitchen. However, by then the paint has seriously gotten to me and I had to retreat to my mom’s house for the night. Pics of the finished product to come soon!


Friday, October 17th, 2008

So, I got to go over to my new house for a FULL 45 minutes yesterday. Between work and Young Life club, there wasn’t any more time. So I brought my new dishes over there and unloaded them and that’s about it. But I did take pictures! Of everything but the outside, cause it was raining…but those will come later. Here they are!

My Polly Pocket House

Thursday, October 16th, 2008

T-Minus 2 hours and I will officially be a homeowner! I am so excited and nervous at the same time! I woke up in the middle of the night last night and seriously almost had a panic attack thinking about all my expenses that I will suddenly have…it’s a little overwhelming!

We went over to the house last night to do our final walk-through. My house is so small! I mean, I knew it was tiny…but I guess after 6 months I sorta forgot HOW tiny. But it is perfect for me and Dixie. And honestly if I had more rooms I would not be able to afford to put anything in them. So my Polly Pocket House is perfect!

Polly's Pocket's Hizzle

Polly's Pocket's Hizzle

Shut Down

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

I am supposed to be writing this entry today as a new homeowner. Today was supposed to be the day I closed on my house. I have planned on this day since about April. For six months I have known that I was going to close on my house on Oct. 15th.  But this isn’t the case. Apparently, there was miscommunication and work that was needed to be complete before closing wasn’t complete. So (fingers crossed) all the work was supposed to be completed last night, which means that I can do the walk-through tonight and close tomorrow. Ahhhh. I will be so happy to have those keys in my hand. You would think after six months of waiting, one more day wouldn’t be a big deal, but I was completely bummed. So now, when I leave work, I will not go to my new house…I will go back to my mom’s house.  YAY.

I have learned alot though this whole process, however…so much that I probably could go sell a house. Hmmm…maybe I should do that…nah. I can just chalk it up to experience for when I buy my next house. Which will be a long long time away.

Blogging Newbie…sorta

Friday, October 10th, 2008

So, I started a blog. Actually, I started a blog…again. In college we were encouraged (mandated) to keep a blog for one of my PR/Comm classes. It was actually really helpful as I launched my career into this technology crazy industry, however, I never felt the need to keep a personal blog after graduating. Then today, I was emailing a friend about my new house that I close on next Wed. She said to send her pics. So I thought, “Ok, I could send out one of those annoying mass emails to all my friends about my new house and include pictures that they may or may not want to look at… or I could put them on Facebook where 916 of my “closest” friends can check out where I live (creepy)…or I could start a blog.” That way my friends and fam can choose to view my blog when/if they want to. So here’s my second crack at blogging. I hope you visit me often and comment!! Pictures to come soon! As in, when I move in.

Disclaimer: Yes, I know by posting a blog that way more than “916 close Facebook friends” can view this…but for some reason it felt more private…so I am going with it. 🙂