Blogging Newbie…sorta

October 10th, 2008

So, I started a blog. Actually, I started a blog…again. In college we were encouraged (mandated) to keep a blog for one of my PR/Comm classes. It was actually really helpful as I launched my career into this technology crazy industry, however, I never felt the need to keep a personal blog after graduating. Then today, I was emailing a friend about my new house that I close on next Wed. She said to send her pics. So I thought, “Ok, I could send out one of those annoying mass emails to all my friends about my new house and include pictures that they may or may not want to look at… or I could put them on Facebook where 916 of my “closest” friends can check out where I live (creepy)…or I could start a blog.” That way my friends and fam can choose to view my blog when/if they want to. So here’s my second crack at blogging. I hope you visit me often and comment!! Pictures to come soon! As in, when I move in.

Disclaimer: Yes, I know by posting a blog that way more than “916 close Facebook friends” can view this…but for some reason it felt more private…so I am going with it. 🙂